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Calender of Event 2012

Kuta Karnival 2012

Kuta Karnival Bali Food Festival - As a part of Kuta Karnival 2012, Bali Food Festival will held around September 2012 . All those who loves cuisines or recipes can take part in this mega food event in Kuta region. There will be lot of people joining this food festival to present there culinary skills. Apart from delicious food stalls, there will be movie screening, DJ session, children playground and lot of other entertainment activities.

The Kuta Karnival is a "Community" and "Recovery" initiative of the Kuta Small Business Association (KSBA) for the island of Bali. The Kuta Karnival committee consists of representatives of all stake holders, and has been socialized within the government, the private sector and the community.

Sanur Village Festival 2012

Sanur Village Festival has become a major event in Bali Event Calendar. The main aim of the festival is to attract large number of tourist from various countries. These year Sanur village festival promises a lot of water sports activities and adventure.

Sanur Village Festival is highlighted as major tourist attractions of Bali event calendar. So all your beach and water sports lovers out there pack your bag. Sanur village festival this year promises lots of water sports and adventure activities. The event was inspired by marine life which plays an important role in the daily life of the Balinese.

Jazz Market By The Sea (Date: 6-01-2012 - 8-01-2012)

Jazz Market By The Sea event took place on 7-8 January 2012 held at Bhagawan Park, in Jalan Pratama 70, Tanjung Benoa, Bali, Indonesia. It located in the charming beach with lush green lawns combined with beautiful music played by excellent musicians from afternoon until evening.

Jazz Market By The Sea is a cultural event comprising of chill out jazzy tunes and improvised styles combined with market feel environment, featuring jazz musicians from Bali and other cities in Indonesia. You can watch the expertise of Indonesian jazz musicians, including: Balawan, BAIO, Dialog Dini Hari, Widi Noor & AN Suara, Indra Lesmana, Khatulistiwa, Lisa Soul, Erik Sondhi, Koko Harsoe, Syaharani, Ito Kurdi and many more.

Bali Mountain Bike Festival (Date: 6-07-2012 - 11-07-2012)

Bali Mountain Bike Festival is the cycling events that will be held in July each year, as for the purpose of this activity is to invite all cycling fans around the world to do this activity together. These events will take place at scenic locations such as Lake Batur and the active volcano Mount Batur, with bikers set to be given opportunities to see the sights and enjoy meals together.

The Bali Mountain Bike Festival is organised with the support of the Bali Cycling Federation and Bali Cycling Operator. It will also include an exhibition of bikes and related products, rounding off a perfect occasion for lovers of the outdoor pursuit.

International Bali 10K (Date: 9-08-2012 - 9-08-2012)

International Bali 10K is an international race held as an annual event commemorating the anniversary of the Province of Bali and also to enliven the celebration of Independence Day of Indonesia. Activity is not only Bali 10K involved participants from all over Indonesia, but also international athletes.

This activity aims to tighten the friendship in the world. This is a very important moment for Bali, Indonesia, tourism and the community. Bali 10K is one form of sport tourism, which is the theme of "A Run for Unity" to strengthen unity and solidarity in the fraternal people of the world that begins and ends in Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot Art Festival (Date: 26-07-2012 - 01-08-2012)

Tanah Lot Art Festival is an event to be held at the Tanah Lot Bali. Tanah Lot Art Festival will represent the arts community of the implementation of Tabanan. In addition to Balinese dance performance, there will be art exhibits, other activities, and of course a giant kite up in the kite festival. Many types of Balinese dances will be exhibiting at this festival. The purpose of this festival is to preserve art and culture and introduce the culture of Bali to the world.

Bali International Thriathlon (Date: 24-06-2012 - 24-06-2012)

The fabled island of Bali radiates once again the spirit of sporting competition as the sixth annual Biznet Bali International Triathlon returns to the island. Taking place at Jimbaran. The race will start at dawn with a swim in Jimbaran Bay, followed by a bicycle race down the Nusa Dua Peninsula, ending with a foot race through the village of Jimbaran.

The Olympic Distance Course includes a 1.5 kilometer swim in the warm waters of Jimbaran Bay, a 40 kilometer bike ride on hilly paved roads and a 10 kilometer mostly flat run with a beach finish at the Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay. The Sprint Distance Course includes a 500 meter swim, a 20 kilometer flat and fast bike ride and a 5 kilometer flat run. Additionally, the 5k Run is a scenic 5 kilometer flat run with a beach finish at the Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay.

Over the past six years interest and participation by Indonesian athletes has grown dramatically reflecting the surge in interest in cycling and running in Indonesia generally. The race continues to receive widespread support from the island of Bali and its surrounding communities of Jimbaran and Nusa Dua

Legian Beach Festival (Date: 23-09-2012 - 26-09-2012)

Legian Beach Festival decorates the Calendar of activities in the fabled island of Bali with colorful programs including exhibitions, cultural performances, fun bike, and several city tours.

Participants will come from all over the archipelago and all of the tourists related business in Bali.

Makepung Festival (Date: 09-11-2012 - 09-11-2012)

Makepung Festival means healthy competition of agriculture tradition. This event symbolizes mutual help of farmers carrying their harvest using carriage that pull by two buffalos.

Makepung Festival it is introduced by Madurese migrants to celebrate the end of the rice harvest, this activity became a tourist attraction event, the races are usually held every year. Makepung or bull race is the only spectacular crowd-gather event that is held in Jembrana Regency.

This ancient competitive race takes place on a race track about 800 meters long situated outside Negara, the capital city of Jembrana. A variation of makepung is the magembeng, in which a pair of bulls is harnessed together and decorated with elaborate ornaments. Huge wooden bells (gembeng) are hung around their necks, making distinctive sounds as the bulls race across the field dragging the colorfully dressed jockeys behind them on the skids.

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival
(Date: 03-10-2012 - 07-10-2012)

The 2012 Ubud Readers & Writers Festival theme is This Earth of Mankind: Bumi Manusia , from the title of a work by one of Indonesia's greatest contemporary writers Pramoedya Ananta Toer. This Earth of Mankind is the first book in Pramoedya's historical fiction series called The Buru Quartet.

This Earth of Mankind is an unflinching portrayal of the suffering caused by colonialism and of trampled human dignity. It is also the story of a valiant struggle for freedom and is considered one of the most compelling political novels of the twentieth century. In 2012, this profound theme that touches on humanity in all its complexities and the universal power of story telling will be at the heart of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival.




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