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Kompleks Pertokoan Istana Regency L-17
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai

Denpasar 80223
Bali - Indonesia
Tel. +62-361-727800 (Hunting)
Fax. +62-361-728386, 728387, 728420

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Penjor Shuttle

Penjor Tours are ready to serve you anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Anyhow, we introduce one of our top saleable product, that currently become a choice of traveling, it is safe, comfortable and cheap. And this kind of product is running everyday, with friendly services and full assistant by our reservation and professional drivers that will accompany you to your destination.

Seeing is believing and experience is proving…
Give us a try and you’ll know why….
And as our motto “…. With hospitality we serve you best…” yes, whoever, whenever, whatever you are… we are always ready to serve you!

As a “ready – and pre go public” we try to complete all of our saleable products. Here is one of our top product that we thought can fill the need of many traveler.

As said above, one of the products is shuttle transportation with the routes as follows:
Denpasar – Banyuwangi – Denpasar
Denpasar – Jember – Denpasar
Denpasar – Lumajang – Denpasar
Denpasar – Surabaya – Denpasar
Denpasar – Malang – Denpasar

Surabaya – Banyuwangi –Surabaya

It is sort of like a public needs and we are sure as joint in this wide range business we provide and guarantee the satisfaction.

To covered those entire route we use Isuzu Elf and Isuzu Elf long (view seats structure). We are running every day.

To make you sure that we are ready to compete with others, here is the facilities we offer for the fleet:
- Air Conditioned
- Reclining seat
- Flat TV
- Blanket
- Pillow
- Each reading light
- Professional Driver

But, that’s not the end... we are also complete it with these our facilities:
- Pick up service from your embarkation
- Transfer right to your destination
- Snack
- Dinner at the Restaurant

Bus - Penjor Shuttle
ELF - Penjor Shuttle
Bus OH - Penjor Shuttle
Bus - Penjor Shuttle

Proudly to say, we are running this Shuttle Business and we gain progressive improvement, BUT that is not make us stop to develop and add all the value. as a tight monitoring done, we are sure that this product will come to your satisfaction. We might not the first but we are sure we are the best in quality, service and of course the product.

And last but not least we would like to say that, we do appreciate our repeater clients, and as our sincerity we would like to grant a free ticket! For our repeater who had travel with us 10 times, will get one time free travel with us on the same route that had been took.**

We have been working for almost a decade at tourism industry. we serve multi cultural people from all over the world. And we do have some reasons why..?
1. it is one of safe and efficient Transportation
2. We want to reach all people every time
3. To give people choice by and how they can travel.
4. To give comfort and privacy to all clients by our shuttle.

** Name, address and receipt need to be shown.

Book Travel / Shuttle
Penjor Shuttle
For more information please contact :
Jl. Raya Puputan 20X Renon, Denpasar - Bali - Indonesia
Telp.: +62-361-247168 (Hunting)
Fax.: +62-361-239195
or click here to contact us
Denpasar : (0361) 247168, 222317 Jember : (0331) 3404800
Surabaya : (031) 7324999 Lumajang : (0334) 7720800
Malang : 085101565280, 085101565290,
  (0341) 346996

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